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Kunabee Creations

I drew that ->

For the record, I  use they/them pronouns. The most respectful route is to use those as well, although I can't tell you what to do.


Hey there. I'm Kunabee, a writer at heart (and in practice). I don't have any formal training, just lots of experience - I've been writing since I was small, and have only gotten better over time.

I like wholesome things, creating content that ends up making people happy. Of course, I also enjoy a good story... so some topics I write about are more serious, more "adult" in general. I am of the opinion that you can drag your characters through hell and back, as long as you give them that happy ending.

I'm also a "rights activist" - human rights, animal rights, whatever. The subjects of equality and compassion are extremely important to me and I focus on topics of family and friendship, equal rights, and bigotry in a fantasy setting for most of my stories. I myself have friends of all stripes, and this is my small way of helping and supporting them.

As for editing? Well, I've been editing other people's works for almost as long as I've been writing - both as school projects and as favors to friends who don't have the grammatical skills that I do. I have an inherent belief in the power of creation, and language is communication. My goal, then, as an editor is to encourage people to create while helping to clarify what they mean.

The world is a better place when people work together. Help me by letting me help you.