If You Want It...

Perhaps you've looked at my itch.io to see my very simplistic games on there. Or maybe you've poked at the short story compilation on Wattpad. Maybe you've looked at this website and then noticed I've made a couple of other websites, too. This page? This page is where you can hire me to do something for you.

Or, in other words: save me from retail and/or starvation.

All prices are in USD. The only language I do is English. Prices WILL GO UP with experience, so if you come back in a year after hiring me once, don't be surprised if you have to pay more. Ongoing clients will not be subject to price creep, that's rude.


Editing a story, poem, or nonfiction/technical writing: 6 cents per 100 words up to 10,000 words, which drops to 5 cents/100 words for words written beyond 10,000. (example: 20,000 words at $60 for the first 10k plus $50 dollars for the second 10k = $110 dollars for 20,000 words)

Editing a game's writing: 8 cents per 100 words, as parsing through a script is slightly more complicated than pure writing meant to be consumed as text. This would also qualify for a script for a play or something, but I don't have as much experience with that so it's not officially priced.

I am absolutely willing to negotiate prices. Also...

Student ProjectsAll students get a discount on editing services for school-related projects. The amount of the discount depends on the size of the project and what it's for/how much knowledge I myself need to edit it.

What I Will Do: I'll edit pretty much everything for grammar and readability. That includes structure, word choice, and clarity of thought. I'll also do some basic research to make sure everything is accurate, and watch for any specifics you want me to look for.

What I Won't Do: Something requiring heavy research outside of my expertise (eg anything requiring a college degree) except for grammar and readability.


One-shot or short-form story: 10 dollars per 1,000 words, up to 10,000 words (100 dollars).

Multi-part story: This is for if you want me to write a longer story, but can only commission so much at a time. Instead of 10$/1000 words, it's 8$/1000 words. Come back, commission me again.

Technical Writing: Whether for a blog, an article, or anything else, technical writing costs ten cents per word with no upper limit.

Poetry: AKA my expertise. Haikus, limericks, and other very short poems are a buck a piece (1$). Five dollars for a free verse poem with a rhyme scheme of your choice as long as they're under 160 lines. Longer poems are ten dollars, with an additional twenty-five cents added per line past 180. Epics are variable, depending on how much effort you want me to put into this novella-length poem.

might add longer stories (above 10,000 words) later, but for now, this is what is available.

What I Will Do: Smut/lemons and romance, original settings, something involving OC's, ghostwriting for a technical piece

What I Won't Do: Extremely technical writing that an expert should be doing, fanfiction/stuff taking place in specific worlds/AUs, ghostwriting a story

Web Design

Designing a website with Wix: 100 dollars per website, with additional prices if it's especially large or complex. Wix makes things super straightforward, though with experience this price will probably go up. There are additional charges for any custom-made images, though I'm not an artist. I can throw some pretty graphics together, however.

Designing a website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript: 200 dollars per website, with additional charges for complexity and any custom-made images. Again, I am not an artist, but I can throw some pretty graphics together.

What I Will Do: Small businesses, individual portfolios, web forums

What I Won't Do: Large businesses, people who refuse to give me a theme/color scheme/etc to work with


For multi-part projects (such as, perhaps, a website with some technical writing), select this option. Also offered is anything that might be a similar skill; I'm willing to discuss most anything relating to the written word or game and web design.

Coding: I'm fluent in Python and am absolutely willing to help code anything in that language or in the program Ren'py (though, yes, I can read and write regular Python, not just stylized Python).

Website Editing: Website design isn't too hard to edit, in and of itself, but the writing on a website is considerably more difficult. I'd have to think about anything in this category.


However, there are no set prices for this section overall; it's either bundled for the official price to be at my discretion or I just don't have the experience to charge a flat rate.

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